"Slippery" Finn MacCourt

Once and Future Pirate


Str | 7 ( + 0 )
Dex | F ( + 3 )
End | 9 ( + 1 )
Int | 8 ( + 0 )
Edu | 7 ( + 0 )
Soc | 5 ( – 1 )

0: Athletics, Deception, Drive, Recon, Stealth, Survival

1: Astrogation, Eng (J-Drive), Gambler, Gun Combat (E.R.), Gun Combat (S.R.), Pilot (Medium), Pilot (Small), Gunner (Turret), Sensors, Streetwise, Vacc Suit, Explosives, Persuade

2: Melee (blade)

TL 11 Laser Rifle
TL 10 Laser Sight (200 cr)
TL 2 Blade
TL 12 Vacc Suit
TL 11 Subdermal Armor
TL 10 Cloth Armor (500 cr)
TL 12 Radio Transciever (500 cr)
TL 10 Comm (500 cr)
115,800 Cr


Born on Fidelity, Finn was destined for a life of crime. At 18 he graduated from the school of hard knocks and was accepted to pirate college, learning such valuable skills as cooking for rowdy pirates and swabbing the decks. At 20 he happened to be manning the sensors when his crew hit the luxury yacht “Babydoll”. This resulted in a massive payday, but the resulting publicity led to a vendetta from the owner.

At 27, he found himself in an interesting position: keep running with the family, or jump ship and join with a new crew for better pay and a better position. He decided to join the startup pirate gang, which angered the family [Connection with Krieger: Explosives. His successes only garnered more attention, and at 34, they kidnapped him and removed his right arm (“Once, your right hand was our right hand. We’re reclaiming it.”). While he did get it replaced with a mostly identical synthetic model, the sting to his ego drove a desire for revenge. In exchange for assisting a Naval Officer in training for a sword duel, Finn gathered the assistance of the Navy’s anti-piracy division [Connection with John: Persuade]. He set up a honeypot, and when the family took the bait the Navy cracked down on them. Since then he has left Fidelity and (hopefully) the reach of the family, hoping to turn over a new (if similar) leaf in self-employment.

"Slippery" Finn MacCourt

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