“The Universe is composed of three basic elements: Matter, Energy, and Enlightened Self Interest.” —G’Kar, Babylon 5

The founders of the human colonies picked a bad spot to come out of cryonic suspension. A decade after settling down, raising families, and developing faster than light travel, they came face to face with the Exalted Ennead of Sakkara.

Engineered for centuries to survive in their hostile throne worlds, the Sakkarans’ initial curiosity was overwhelmed by the disgust of their conservative leaders at the notion of a freely-procreating species. The ensuing holy war saw the rise of the human Federated Imperium, which fought the Ennead to a standstill for three years until the Sakkaran conservatives were voted out of office.

A year after the armistice, tensions are still high as the two empires get to know the people they tried to kill. Many organizations are seeking to capitalize on the new opportunities presented by peace; more often than not, they find their agendas are in conflict.

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Temples of Our Gods

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