The Federated Imperium and the Ennead of Sakkara are roughly on par with each other; both have ready, if not universal access to TL 12 technology.

Computer Tech

Sentience Programs

The Federated Imperium made a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, allowing for truly autonomous computer intellects. These were used to devastating effects on their warships during the conflict with Sakkara, and continue to play an integral part of human technology.

Game Rules

Sentience programs behave exactly like Intellect programs of their rating. They can use a number of expert programs equal to their rating simultaneously. Unlike intellect programs, they are self-aware, and can choose to when and how the skills at their disposal, as would any sentient being.

Sentience programs cost 250 kCr per rating, plus 50 kCr per point of int bonus (the basic package has an int bonus of 0).

Perceptions of AIs.

Sentient machines are considered property by the Federated Imperium, although this view differs by world. While Rating 1 sentience programs are relatively common, rating 2 and higher programs are closely-guarded military technology, and are almost exclusively seen installed on warship mainframes, war vehicles, or espionage androids.

Sakkarans, by comparison, have no AIs of their own, but have historically granted them equal rights. This is partially because their engineered background gives them an affinity for their binary brethren, but also because it honks off the Imperium.

Starship Tech

Both races’ commercially-available starships use the standard tech described in the core book (hydrogen-powered jump drives, fusion reactors, gravity-based sublight)

Human stardrive capability is limited to Jump 2, with Jump 3 models close to completion.

The Sakkarans have mastered Jump 3; higher ratings are reported to be under development.

Long-range military vessels use fission reactors in place of standard fusion reactors for endurance.

New technology is always being developed by both races. Heed rumors.


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