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Humanity arrived in the sector only twenty years ago. Their sublight sleeper ship was damaged in transit; the colonists’ only notions of how long they were asleep and how far they’d traveled were “too long” and “too far.” New minerals discovered on their adopted homeworld lead to their discovery of faster than light technology, which put them right in the path of the Sakkaran’s manifest destiny.

The ensuing war saw the rise of the Federated Imperium, an almost-feudal military alliance by which all colonies pledged their support to the Federal Emperor. Aside from a unified military and peacekeeping force, the Imperium worlds are left largely to their own devices.

Game Rules

No Modifiers


The Sakkarans arose on inhospitable worlds strewn with the remains of an eons-dead civilization. Their intelligence evolved from their ancestor’s use of natural stimulants as a competitive edge. With their development of advanced biology, they have re-engineered their entire race into a new form of life.

Sakkaran culture revolves around individuals using their physical and mental gifts to the fullest. Most Sakkarans interpret this positively; it is each individual’s goal and society’s burden to ensure that everyone lives up to their potential. Their government is pervasively bureaucratic by human standards, but most Sakkarans do not pay much notice.

Visual Description

The current incarnation of the Sakkaran people appears startlingly human; the explanation that it was an attempt to honor their gods remains the biggest mystery in the social sciences. They can be identified by their chalk-white skin, bony plates in place of teeth, and lack of irises in their eyes.

Game Rules

  • Radiation Resistant: Subtract 5 rads from each single radiation exposure
  • Genetic Sophistication: Use Sophistication(Soph) instead of Social Standing as a measure of status (roll on 2d6). An individual who attains Soph 12 or greater can add 2 points to any one ability score, subject to the cap of 15 for any unaugmented ability score. Attempting to use Soph in place of Soc and vise versa imposes a -2 penalty to the check.
  • Engineered: Medic checks using equipment below TL 12 take a penalty equal to the difference.
  • Exotic Atmosphere: Can breath normally in Exotic or Tainted atmospheres. In human-breathable environments, they need to use environmental gear or take supplements every 3 + End DM hours (Sakkarans with a -3 End DM must use environmental gear)

Playable Races

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