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Living Civilizations


The Greens of Opportunity – or Nt’n’ntir, in the native tongue – are not the greatest success story for the Federated Imperium. Short, slim humanoids, the Greens almost perfectly matching the classic description in human literature. They are childishly innocent and fantastically clever, which is exactly where the problem started. The Imperium scouts discovered, to their horror, that a Green left near advanced technology will quickly whip him or herself into a frenzy of creativity that can be catastrophic to those who can’t get to minimum safe distance. Given that the damage was already done, the Federated Emperor decreed a massive planetary relief, retraining, and psychiatric counseling effort be launched to stabilize their culture.

Greens are almost exclusively found on their home world of Nt’n’ntir, or Opportunity, as it was named by the humans.

Dead civilizations


The humans and Sakkarans were not the first species to colonize the stars. The ruins of Retrospect and Heliopolis, the ringworld of IGC-0607, and the ancient holy cities of Sakkara all point to a single sector-spanning civilization that died out millennia ago. In addition to natural curiosity, the wealth of technological advancements that have come from these Ancients has ensured that they continue to be well-researched.

Ancient ruins pop up all over the sector. The most notable are on Restrospect, Sakkara, Heliopolis, Abydos, Longevity, and IGC-0607.

Inhabitants of Good Hope

At least one other civilization is known to have inhabited the area of space. Survivors of the Battle of IGC-0204 took shelter in vast networks of life-supporting tunnels carved into the local asteroids. What cursory studies they have allowed show that the installations were constructed by

No signs of this mysterious civilization have been found outside of the IGC-0204 system, commonly named Good Hope.

Other Galactic Denizens

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