Organizations of Note

Human Space

The Federated Imperium

Formed as a reaction to the Ennead’s declaration of Holy War, the Imperium is humanity’s attempt at a centralized government. Its success directly mirrors the need under which it arose; the Federated Imperium excels at disaster relief, maintaining its navy, and collecting taxes. Apart from that, it will only interfere in the affairs of its member worlds if it sees a threat to its ability to perform its duties, or enough powerful Legislators complain at the same time.

The Shipbuilders Guild

Due to the youth of the human colonies, there is still an extreme deficit in available spacefaring tonnage. Coupled with the unimaginable investments necessary to construct a shipyard, this makes the shipbuilding industry one of the most powerful economic forces in the Imperium. Given the huge economic responsibilities placed on their organizations, the shipbuilders have developed a reputation for short-fused ruthlessness when faced with obstacles to satisfying the Demand.

The Aristocrats of Longevity

The ruling class of Longevity is the Boogey man of the Imperium. Longevity began as a small enough colony that it modeled its government after the old proprietary system, placing a single extended family in the position of absolute rulers. As the colony grew, so too did the aristocratic families, forming an almost cult-like ruling elite. The system has since closed all borders except for the trade ports, making any statement about current conditions pure conjecture. The rumors of brutality and dire intent are almost, but not quite, too fantastic to be true.

The Family of Fidelity

The Family – which doesn’t exist, if you ask Imperium Law Enforcement – is the most powerful organized crime syndicate in the history of the human race. Although few facts have been confirmed, the working theory is that the bad conditions on their world lead to the adoption of a rather extreme “can-do” attitude amongst the community leaders, a philosophy which has little place for the trappings of traditional bureaucracy or law. If they exist – which they don’t! – they have remained undetected by thoroughly mixing their illegal activities with legitimate business; Fidelity’s contributions to the war effort and the Imperium’s reconstruction are far disproportionate to its limited means.

Sakkaran Space

The Exalted Ennead of Sakkara

The ancient leadership of Sakkara, the Ennead has grown beyond its original role as a priestly order to serve as a remarkably effective government. Nine individuals are elected to nine year terms, each exercising absolute control over a certain aspect of Sakkaran life, dividided according to scripture. The somewhat authoritarian system is balanced by the difficulty of acting at the executive level without cooperation from the other arcanely-defined areas of interest. With the minor exception of the war against earth, most Sakkarans are happy with this arrangement, and have difficulty understanding humanity’s poor view of their “stiff-ass police state.”

The Sakkaran Nobility

Unlike humanity’s multitude of disparate upper class groups, the Ennead’s unified notion of engineering as status has resulted in a largely-unified upper class. Sakkaran nobles are usually key members of whatever industry or organization they belong to, making them an obvious group to court if seeking to accomplish a goal in the Ennead’s sphere of influence. Fortunately for humanity, the nobility is remarkably liberal; it is extremely common to see Sakkaran nobles in human ports, discussing all manner of business or scientific endeavors.

The Sakkaran Priesthood

The religious class of Sakkaran society is the one unfortunate consequence of their social structure. Their beliefs, while founded in scientific principals, are so old that a sizable philosopher-priest class has evolved to interpret them. Unfortunately, it is usually those unable to fulfill the values of their faith in other ways who wind up serving as its custodians. This has lead to the religion taking on a very intolerant and aggressive personality. When introduced to humanity, a society representing very few of the faith’s literal values, they kinda lost it.

Neutral Space

The Scouts

Originally founded in human space, the Scouts have expanded to become a fairly potent neutral party in their own right. Their goals are to expand the boundary of the known worlds – either by discovering new planets, or uncovering new resources on those that have been colonized – and to ensure that new resources are used equitably. If only there were more of them…

Organizations of Note

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