John's notes

Uncle Felix shows up, not mad at Matt. Cheap wine and stolen flowers, shipwarming.
salvage op → contact in IBOBIG, noble kid found a lost flagship, clueless, profit to be made, meet The Kid in college bar, call to arrange a meet. Scruffy, meet tomorrow evening.
imperial bounty? → Gen. Alexis McCourt, stuffy, Internal Security, Lauren Starssen (human and Sakkaran aliases, First Family of Longevity), starliner Asma, inbound to Opportunity (arrive in 3-4 days), headed to Longevity, take alive and deliver to Fortitude, 0.5MCr
mail → shipbuilding company undercutting competition via trade with Sakkarans
get time and place of contact, he’s a minor employee of this company, probably an informant
tonight, local bar (rough place). Stellartech. We get jumped by two corp rentacops on our way out. “If we do the job, we get paid, boss sent us.” We get security chief’s business card. Snitch is not actually the guy with the job; a Kerbal has a job for us. Kerbal brain transplant, demo ship is in orbit, wants us to expose. Snitch has schematics for the Valkyrie. We have a couple weeks before it’s ready. Main drives complete, Kerbal implanted, weapons and computers need work (except forward p-beam). Needs railgun battery, more pulse lasers. Crew roughly 15 with heavy automation. We bug Sam Meatbag. Ship’s in an orbital berth, has a password, shuttle leaves from secure airstrip on factory sight.

Shipjack, then salvage?

Eight-hour shifts on the engineering crew, 40-ton pinnace, 6-man shifts with two security guards. Hour gap between shifts. We look at blueprints, and it’s a spaceship.

Meeting with Scruffy. Overdressed noble kid, 6th count of retrospect. Victorious fleet carrier, disappeared in early days of war during disastrous retreat. Missing 10 years. Did computermaths, est. location based on drive failure location. In-system, just outside gas giant orbit. Seems legit, value ~7MCr. Willing to foot some up-front gear costs, get anti-rad drugs and TL12 vacc suits.

We go in scout ship, sensor all the things, it’s dead in space. Battle damage to engineering section, some parts still pressurized but not breathable. Circle again, more scans. Large bays, contain fighters and gunboats, utilitycraft. Suit up, entering bridge. Powerup airlock from external. Lots of dead suffocated folks, atmo is real bad. No radiation. Found captain’s cabin, family winecellar. Captain’s log – calamity in engineering, jump and maneuver drive both out, engies failed to bring back on line. To engineering! Cargo hold has one container, opened, lots of MilResearch stickers and whatnot on it. Fuuuuu. Killer robots on the loose, human and android heads on workbench in shipping container. Mobile robotics lab. Scream over the comms. We take the head and run back to Captain’s quarters. Shotgun and cutlass injuries to the Count. Rig up an android detector that runs on RF leakage from Matt’s radio transciever. Airlock welded shut. We cannot get out.

Antipersonnel bomb disarmed kinetically. Engineering, port and starboard maneuver drives, jump drive, powerplant past j-drive. Classical misjump, power surge, j-drive fried unto modern art. Powerplant intact, but out of gas. Maneuver drives are borked but it’s mostly that they failed to take a breaker into account. To get gas to tanks, will need to repair several fuel line breaks. We leave via the battle damage through engineering, walk the hull, and return to scout ship. Check cameras, headless android in military flash-welds airlock.

We come back to repair fuel lines, ambushed by headless robot, Kelly shoots it in the power supply after it shoots us up a bit. Looks repairable.

Next time: salvage and plunder.

Session 2: Brought the Victorious back, got salvage, much lauded, met Tim, stole the Valkyrie, fought the androids on board.

Session 3: Reconfigured BadOS to be BFFOS (“beef-ohs”). Jumped to Ars Astria, shot up a corsair but let him go, landed, met some hippies. They can hook us up with the good stuff (like grenade launchers). Their leader is a female Sakkaran, talks at length with Laird about robotics. But, also a powerful psion, steals Laird’s knowledge of robotics, refuses to get it back. So we have to shoot some people to persuade her. She gives the skills back, explains things (turns out to be a sakkaran undercover operative). We go into ruins under temple, door after maze of passages, mechanical eyeball examines Kronos, signs read “Main power compartment, authorized personal only, radiation hazard” in ancient languages. Get in narrowly via robot telepathy, inside is a particle accelerator of some sort running at low power. Sorta hot, but OK through vacc suits. Well-preserved, lots of artimifacts. Accelerator has some sort of lens that also generates radiation, we take it wrapped in leadcloth. Door opens mysteriously, someone in visilight chamelon enters, we spot. Kronos stab, he surrenders, we search. Turns out to be a kid in visilight chameleon with Longevity colors, ideologue and refuses to talk. Monologues, claims nobility and just cause, enduring dynasties of benevolent dictators. Crumples under threat of return to imperium as prisoner. Eric Starson, first count of Longevity. No detectable neural activity, slowed metabolism past anagathics. Also he’s been through this door before. We leave Eric with the Prioress and take the lens. Do sensors to it, it generates radiation via meson decay.

John's notes

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