Guide to Planets

Human Space:


0703 D221340-8 Lo, Po AMBER NO-GAS

Fidelity is considered to be something of a slum in the eyes of the rest of the Imperium. It has no notable resources, poor technology, and no in-system gas giant. However, it managed to contribute an impressive amount of manpower during the war with Sakkara, and continues to play a surprising role in sector trade. Both facts are generally attributed to the influence of the criminal fraternity known as The Family.


0101 C345513-7 Ni

Retrospect was an unremarkable, newly developed colony, until the Sakkarans introduced humanity to the Ancients. Knowing what to look for, the colonists soon discovered vast, continent-sized metropolises hidden just below the topsoil. An archeological frenzy gripped the world, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the unearthing of King Tut. It shows no signs of letting up, with a great many organizations willing to pay large sums to stake a claim in hopes of uncovering the next Big Breakthrough.


0601 A78A614-C Ni, Ri, Wa

Tranquility is a system of contradictions, none of which anyone has complaints about. The system is rife with resource-bearing planetoids and asteroids, as well as incredibly mild meteor and solar flare activity. As a result, it hosts the largest shipyards in the sector. The main world itself is actually the only planet to LACK mineralogical wea;th. Instead, the pristine pelagic world serves the shipbuilders in another way; it is the premier resort destination in the Imperium. Whether more business is done in above the atmosphere or below the seas is a question best left to philosophers.

Opportunity (Nt’n’ntir)

0303 B8DA545-C Fl, Ht, Wa

Home to the rather unfortunate Greens, Opportunity, or Nt’n’ntir, has managed to rise above its calamitous beginnings to become a major player in Imperium industry. Even more unfortunately for the hapless natives, competing corporations have turned the planet into a recruiting frenzy, as shipbuilders and technology corporations vie for access to the Green’s natural technical skill. Sentient rights investigations are ongoing, but often face severe opposition from the Shipbuilding lobbyists.


0301 C980675-6 De, Ni, Ri AMBER

Diversity is the oldest colony in human space; the ship that brought the first settlers is up on blocks in the Federal Museum. Given its pedigree, and the vast mineralogical wealth under its sands, mean that it continues to serve as a key player in Imperium trade, culture, and policy. Its status as a cultural nexus means that it sometimes plays host to one or more groups intent on airing their grievances against each other.


0802 D4336CD-7 Na, Ni, Po AMBER

Longevity is something of a worry for the Imperium. The system was known since its colonization for harboring a very strong, almost totalitarian aristocracy. With the advent of the war, they shut themselves off completely from the other systems. While Longevity does maintain its trade obligation as a Federated world, the lack of reliable intelligence on the planet’s condition, coupled with its relatively low level of advancement, regularly draws the attention of policy makers and human rights groups.


0403 B8679BE-9 Ag, Ga, Ri RED

Enlightenment is a world with a conscience, and they have the Imperium blockade to prove it. When they refused to put their extensive medical and biochemical industries in the service of the fledgeling Imperium during the war, the Federated Emperor decided to force it into service at gunpoint. While the planet is divided between the Imperium sympathizers and those who still refuse to abet a violent administration, it remains one of the most egalitarian and non-violent worlds in human space, and is the only one to have complete emancipation of sentient AIs.


0302 E9CAADE-3 Fl, Hi, Wa

The founding of resolve almost perfectly mirrored the founding of the New England colonies on Earth, which is exactly why most people will refuse to visit. A large number of neo-conservative religious movements – or, crazy psycho cults, as the rest of the galaxy likes to call them – declared that none of the human colonies were worth salvation, and promptly left to found their own. While they did provide materials and manpower during the war, there has been little in the way of contact since the war, with the exception of some minor concerns over their population growth rate.


0502 A2007AB-C Na, Ht, Va AMBER

While not much to look at, Fortitude has served as the capital of the Imperium since its founding… all of nine years ago. Hidden behind layers of defense emplacements, the central planetoid houses both the Federated Legislature, and the Imperial Residence, in addition to one of the most advanced command and control posts in known space. While security was almost impenetrable during the war, the world has since opened to the public, largely to preserve the sanity of the Legislators and their families.

Sakkaran Space


0308 E577232-7 Ga, Lo, Ri

It’s been almost a decade since the Holy War between the Imperium and Ennead ended. While Amarna has made great progress in that time, calling its current state “progress” underlines how widespread the devastation was. The Imperium chose Amarna to test the dubiously-named “Negative Energy Bomb”. Whether a super-weapon was at work, or they just nuked the crap out of the world, Amarna was rendered lifeless. Terraforming efforts are progressing rapidly, but the Ennead has forbidden recolonization, citing the world as a mass grave.


0407 A000656-E As, Ht, Na, Ni, Va

Thebes is the system that made the Ennead possible. It has no appreciable terrestrial worlds; all rocky planets were shattered when a neutron star rocketed through the system eons ago. That star left behind a legacy in the form of minute deposits of degenerate matter. Studying these traces allowed Sakkarans to develop their current understanding of gravitics, rocketing their interstellar travel ability ahead by centuries. The system continues to be both a premier shipyard and a hotbed for new technologies. The inhabitants are known for having a remarkably positive outlook on life; most sociologists agree they deserve it.


0509 C210357-A

Snidely dubbed “The Great Experiment” by both Imperium and Ennead pundits, Crocodopolis was an undeveloped world that has since become a testbed for human-sakkaran relations. What this means is that, in the declaration ending the holy war, the policy makers thought it would be fun to see what would happen when you stuck equal numbers of humans and Sakkarans in a pressure dome with no way out. The sociological experiment was a brilliant success, in part because the colonists were united in fighting for the funding needed to uphold their mandate.


0309 A659788-C Ht, In

Where Abydos serves as the heart of the Sakkaran religion, Alexandria holds the core of another key element of Sakkaran society: their personal engineering. Originally serving as the primary shipyard world for the Ennead, the demand for re-engineering from so many engineers, construction workers, and business leaders resulted in a massive boom in the biotechnology industry. Sciences have since overtaken shipbuilding, resulting in a world dominated by Sakkara’s liberal intelligencia.


0408 C662258-6 Lo, Po

The original Sakkaran homeworld was, unfortunately a casualty of the Ennead’s expansion. The world is home to one of the densest and most accessible collections of Ancient ruins, second only to Retrospect. The Sakkarans evolved in the midst of these remains of a forgotten civilization, resulting in a reverence and awe that persists even today. However, as the Ennead spread to the stars, the draw to return was so powerful that the world’s resources collapsed. Pilgrimages are now closely regulated by the priesthood, with most of the planet’s cities joining the Ancients in ruin.


0109 A8AA5CA-D Fl, Ht, Wa AMBER

One of the oldest Sakkaran colonies, Abydos is the seat of the Sakkaran priesthood. Like their throneworld, it is a cold, volcanic world inhospitable to humans. While the scientific and philosophical contributions of its inhabitants are undeniable, the governing Temple is unwaveringly evangelical to the point of alienating most Sakkarans. The ruling majority responsible for the holy war against the Imperium was a relatively moderate delegation from this world.


0208 CAAA88C-B Fl, Ht, Ri, Wa AMBER

The throneworld of the Exalted Ennead of Sakkara, Heliopolis is regarded by Sakkarans as one of the most beautiful worlds in known space. To them, it’s a largely-untamed paradise dotted with archeological marvels left by the Ancients and guided by a benevolent authoritarian regime. To humans, it’s a freezing volcanic nightmare half-smothered in crumbling ruins and run by a surveillance state right out of Cold-War-era literature. Most sociologists take it as proof that you can’t please everyone at the same time.

Neutral Space

Profit’s Landing

0405 D201355-7 IC, Lo, Va

Profit’s Landing is a neutral colony of both Humans and Sakkarans. It is on the most direct trade route between the two races’ core worlds. However the local traders – or Profiteers, as they are known – have a reputation for fleecing their visitors that makes some seek alternate routes.

Good Hope

0206 E000210-8 As, Lo, Va AMBER

The site of a particularly bloody battle between the Imperium and the Ennead, the Good Hope system was populated by the survivors of several downed warships who managed to shelter in the ruins of advanced construction. Layman reports hint that these ruins may indicate at yet another advanced prehistoric race in addition to the Ancients, but the colony leaders have politely turned down every request for further study.

Ars Astria

0204 B8B0225-C De, Ht, Lo

Aside from its position on the jump lanes between the Imperium and Ennead, Ars Astria seems like the least likely position for a colony. Its inhabitants prefer things that way. It was founded as an experiment during the first days of contact between the two races, by a group of individuals from both empires who were tired of the destructive attitudes of both sides. While the predicted apocalypse did not come to pass, they did achieve the goal of creating a haven where members of both races could work in peace. The technological and artistic results are regarded as phenomenal.


0607 D880100-5 De, Lo, Lt AMBER NO-GAS

Home to an ancient, and unfortunately dead ringworld built by the Ancients. Several new-age communes have established themselves on the only planet in the system that’s even close to inhabitable.

Uncharted Space

There are a few planetary systems in the local sector that have never been fully explored or colonized due to inhospitable conditions, or just lack of access to the space lanes. These are recorded by their Imperium Galactic Catalogue (IGC) sector number.


0105 XAF0000-0 N/A GRAY

IGC-0105 has few appreciable terrestrial bodies, and has not attracted noteworthy colonization efforts. The one unusual feature of the sector is that one of the inner gas giants has a dense ring system supporting a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Xenological surveys are a regular occurrence.


0708 X100000-0 N/A GRAY

IGC-0708 is largely unexplored, due to its lack of strategic value and an in-system gas giant. In the years since the war, it has attracted some attention as a crossroads to the rest of uncharted space.


0805 X9D0000-0

GC-0805 has never been visited, due to the difficulty of crossing the IGC-0708 system. It has no noteworthy terrestrial worlds, but several “hot Neptune” worlds may support oxygen-bearing atmospheres. With recent advances in stardrive technology, both the Imperium and the Ennead are considering taking steps toward colonization.


0807 X413000-0 N/A GRAY NO-GAS

IGC-0807 barely rates as a planetary system; its only appreciable terrestrial bodies were shattered in some cataclysm over a million years ago. Sakkaran scouts have reported detecting inexplicable synthetic alloy signatures in the asteroid fields, but the difficulty of reaching the system has prevented in-depth study.


0809 X8C2000-0 N/A GRAY

IGC-0809 has not been explored due to the difficulty of reaching the system. Long-range surveys reveal a main planet with a Venus-like environment, unsuited for Human or Sakkaran colonization.

Guide to Planets

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