Please only use the core book, modified by the house rules in this wiki.

How to Do It

Use the standard algorithm presented to generate your character before the first session.

For clarification, please generate ability scores by rolling 2d6 and assigning values as desired.

Please feel free to roll multiple characters and experiment with different career decisions.

Please be honest; traveller can be fun even with less-than-perfect chargen results.

Setting and Playable Races

The Traveller core book presents the sketch of a setting in the Third Imperium. This game is not using any element of that setting.

Please refer to the Playable Races page of the wiki for descriptions of the possible races to choose from.


Life events are usually less-powerful than other events. As an option, you can choose to re-roll a result of “life event” when rolling for a term’s event.


The book is not very clear about how Psi should integrate with chargen. Here is my version.

  • All characters may roll a Psi score when they roll their other stats.
  • Psi score diminishes by 1 point for every term a character is not in the Psion career.
  • The Psion career can be chosen like any other career.
  • If Psion is chosen for the first term, the character receives their specialist skills as basic training.
  • A character may not participate in Institute Training (p. 152)
  • All psionic skills are treated like any other skill for the purposes of training or event awards.

Maximum Terms

For power scale reasons, I’d like to limit characters to six terms.


Items from benefits are the result of a career’s worth of work. Unless otherwise limited, feel free to select equipment up to TL 12 (common across the sector.) If you can tie an event or contact to the TL 13 or 14 worlds in Sakkaran space, you can go as high as that world’s TL.

Starting Out

Once you have resolved your characters, decide as a party which planet you’d like to start on. You can purchase gear subject to that world’s TL, LL, and Starport restrictions.


Please keep in mind throughout the process that I intend to run with cost-of-living expenses on. If you don’t have a ship, you’ll need to pay your standard of living based on Soc/Sop (p. 87). If you do have one, you’ll need to keep it in repair and out of foreclosure.


I’d like to try out the traditional method of ship ownership; paying for one. You can buy a ship at campaign start as you can any other gear.

In addition to applying ship shares and what have you, you can choose to add age categories to the ship in order to knock a bit off the price (p. 136). You specify how old you want to go, and the local used ship salesbeing will show you a couple of Deals of a Lifetime. Engineering checks are recommended.


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