Sierra Candide

"So, tell me what's on your mind..."


Sierra Candide
Psychic Journalist, Activist, Investigator
Age: 30
Race: Human
Homeworld: Enlightenment

STR 5 | -1 (-1)
DEX 8 | +0
END 5 | -1
INT 9 | +1
EDU 11 | +1
SOC 7 | +0
PSI 6 | +0

Total Skill Level: 8
0s: Animals, Advocate, Gun Combat, Persuade
1s: Art (holography), Carouse, Comms, Deception, Stealth, Streetwise
2s: Investigate

Telepathy 0
Telekinesis 0

Persuade 1 week
Telepathy 1 week

Encumbrance: x / 10 kg
Combat Equipment
Flak Jacket (TL 8) 6 prot, 300 cr, 2 kg
Reflec (TL 10) 10 prot v. lasers, 1500 cr, 1 kg
Stunner (TL 12) 3d6 stun attack, 1000 cr, 0.5kg
—Laser Sight (TL 10) 200 cr
—Secure Weapon (TL 10) 100 cr

Stealth Equipment
Smart Fabric 1000 cr
IR Chameleon 5000 cr

A/V Neural Comm (TL 12) (specialized for Translation 1), running Translation 1 (6625 cr total)
Improved Computer Weave (specialized for Expert Computers 2), running Intelligent Interface and Expert Computers 2 (11,350 cr total)
5 A/V/D Bugs (TL 11) (1500 cr total)
10 Data Wafers (TL 10) (50 cr total)

51,375 cr (-1500 per month for Standard of Living Soc 7)
3 Contacts
2 Ship Shares
TAS Membership


Homeworld: Enlightenment (Animals 0, Carouse 0, Advocate 0, Art 0)
Born and raised on the egalitarian planet of Enlightenment, Sierra grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong. One in which the Federated Imperium fell strictly on the wrong side. At a young age she decided she wanted to grow up and expose all their doings to the harsh light of day, one way or another.

Psion (Wild Talent): Personal Dev – +1 End, Event – Advanced Training, Failed, Advancement – Yes, Personal Dev – +1 Dex, Achieved Rank 1 – “Survivor”, Streetwise 1, Leave – TAS Member, 2 ship shares
Shortly after she completed her education, Sierra began to manifest telepathic abilities. Terrified by her powers, she left home and went on the run. She sought out a master Psion to help her understand her abilities, but proved too rash and impulsive of a student to learn much. She abandoned the rest of her training once she had basic command of telepathy and telekinesis, the only tools she would need to seek out the truth.

Entertainer (Journalist): Basic Training – Persuade 0, Service Skills – Carouse 1, Event – Opportunity to criticize politician, Refused, Advancement – Yes, Service Skills – Deception 1, Achieved Rank 1 – “Freelancer”, Comms 1, Stay
Armed with her psionic abilities, Sierra dove straight into the world of investigative reporting. She had no credentials, no formal training, just a desire to make a difference… and wicked brain powers.
Early in her journalistic career, she stumbled upon a secret conference where members of the Navy were considering highly amoral research presented by one Laird Duchamp III. She took plenty of footage, but a Francois D’Bonheur was able to persuade her that its publication would lead to her death, as a freelancer with no reputation or affiliation to any existing news organizations. She still carries the data wafers with holographs of the conference on her. (Stealth 1 for sneaking about the conference).

Entertainer (Journalist): Service Skills – Art (Holography) 1, Event – Tour of the sector, +3 contacts, Advancement – Yes, Specialist (Journalist) – Investigate 1, Achieved Rank 2 – “Staff”, Investigate 2, Leave – 40,000 cash x 2, +1 Soc
After a few years of stumbling around selling holographs to news orgs and corps for cash, Sierra managed to join up with the Federated News Network as a full-time staffer. She kept her psionic abilities on the down-low, preferring to let others believe she was simply an intuitive and capable investigator. Her work took her on a tour of the sector, as holographer for one of the station’s more senior correspondents. On Fortitude, she observed the correspondent receiving a bribe from a legislator to turn away from a promising story of corruption. Disgusted, she quit the station and dumped the holos she’d taken all over the net. Despite her efforts, the legislator is still in power. Sierra now seeks a way to have a more direct impact in the universe.

Sierra Candide

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