Laird Duchamp The III

Cutthroat Grad Student (er, Scientist)


Race: Human
Age: 34
Homeworld: Crocodopolis

Scientist, 4

str: 6 (0)
dex: 7 (0)
end: 7 (0)
int: 12+1 (2)
edu: 10 (1)
soc: 8+2 (1)

2 Space Science
1 Gun Combat (energy pistol)
1 Admin
1 Comms
1 Medic
1 Persuade
1 Investigate
1 Sensors
0 Streetwise
0 Survival
0 Engineer
0 Computers
0 Vacc Suit
0 Diplomat


1 – Considerable breakthrough — automatically promoted
2 – Entangled in a bureaucratic or legal morass
3 – Amoral research
4 – Research breakthrough

Cash: 75,000
Benefits: 4 ship shares, scientific equipment


Geiger Counter – 250
Cloth (TL 10) – 500
TL 12 Audio and visual Neurocomm, Computer/0 – 5,000
10x TL 7 Audio or Visual Bug – 1000
Electromagnetic Probe (TL 10) – 1000
Light-Intensifying Goggles (TL 9) – 1250
Rebreather (TL 6) – 250
Flac Suit (TL 8) -

Laser Pistol (9)
3d6 + 3
3000 + 3500 (power pack)

Credits: 59,250


A postgrad (er, scientist) scrambling to compete with the Sakaraan intellects, Laird investigated heavily into learning how to both manipulate the spacetime continuum and the local powers for grants. Despite several awards for his work (possibly as a result of sabotaging the work of his competitors) and even a high-profile yet morally suspicious job funded by the Navy, Laird is still bitter about being overshadowed by ‘genetic superiors’ and other sorts of non-human, biological intelligence.

Laird’s research focuses on biological augmentations for AI and robots. His work has been featured at private naval events and conferences, showcasing experiments in using Green (fondly nicknamed ‘Kerbals’) brains to act as ship daemons to automatically control much of the inner processes. Much to his (and the Navy’s) chagrin, several intruders infiltrated these events, and although Laird’s research has not been brought to the public’s attention, he has received occasional death threats and hate mail.

Thanks to previous talks to Francois at conferences (and slight excursions into space to talk with Navy officials), Laird has become weakly proficient at wearing vacc suits (a little bit of exercise never hurt).

Laird recently finds himself on Opportunity, to research the Greens and their ship-building technologies in the ‘wild’ (as opposed to the random specimen he would acquire for use in his lab).

After meeting up with the current crew, Laird finds he enjoys conversations with Francois, the only individual somewhat aware of Laird’s research (but is disheartened by his sudden disinterest when Laird talks about his more gruesome work).

Laird Duchamp The III

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