Francois D'Bonheur

Capitain et Bon Vivant Sans Pareil


0s: Seafarer, Language, Pilot, Vacc Suit, 0g, Gun Combat, Comms
1s: Sensors, Gunner Turret, Engineer ?, Naval Tactics, Admin, Carouse, Recon, Stealth, Persuade
2s: Mechanic, Deception, Melee Blade, Leadership, Broker
Blade (Cutlass), Weapon (laser pistol TL11), Ship’s Boat (upgunned from Victorious weapons), TAS membership, high-soc (vindictive) wife (“Ah, she sent assassins! She does still love me!”), 200kCr

Other gear: TL8 Flak (300Cr) with smart fabric (1k), Reflec (1500Cr), TL12 Neural Comm (5k, A/V and Computer 0), Mechanical Toolkit (1kCr), TL12 stunner (1kCr), TL10 Laser sights for stunner and laspistol (400Cr), ACR with laser sight+silencer+stabilizer, fusion cutter, TL12 hand computer/3 specialized for security software 2 (with secsoft 2, intelligent interface, copies of expert deception, power eng, medic, comms, computers), EM shield (armor 10 vs slugs)
Total: 10200, 184850 remaining


Homeworld: Tranquility
Four terms in the Navy, married the admiral’s daughter, became a captain. Events were Relationship, Good Fortune, Relationship++, Promotion
Then shifted out of active duty into the Department of the Navy, Noble Administrator for two terms. Events were Carousing (met Laird at a secret conference where he was presenting his amoral research to Navy staffers – improved Recon by acquiring professional paranoia) and Duel (which he won, with training in pirate-style fencing under Finn MacCourt, for which he compensated Finn by pointing the Navy at some Family assets – improved Broker for brokering such a deal with a notorious pirate).

Currently adventuring while waiting for his wife to forgive him his most recent dalliance(s).

Runs primarily on internal conflict rather than external. Values honor, loyalty, duty to mankind and imperium, generosity, and bravery, tempted by greed, lust, and revelry. Respects and feels kinship with warrior-nobility, dislikes courtier-nobility though he is passable at their games. Understands the role of deception in war and leadership (“Leadership is the art of convincing people to do things they don’t want to do, and like it.”), but finds unnecessary deception distasteful. Expects truth from his subordinates and lies from his superiors. Wary respect for Sakkaran military personnel, particularly officers, but deeply distrustful of priests and religion in general, and hence of much of rest of Sakkaran society.

… crap, am I the paladin? Except Tim, who’s a paladin of a different religion I suppose…

Considers Finn a good drinking buddy, but is seriously concerned about the legitimacy of the jobs he’s found us so far. Finds Chuggz’s complete lack of subtlety refreshing, if hazardous; reminds him of his enlisted days. Enjoys conversations with Laird as an intellectual equal who operates from the academic perspective rather than a military one, until morbid and creepifying research comes up. Despite Sierra’s best efforts, not actually convinced that she’s attracted to him; has experienced enough nobility to understand sex as a weapon and suspects she is employing it, but does not wish to betray that suspicion to her, and so plays along. Besides, we do need a PR person…

Francois D'Bonheur

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